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Detailed rules for selection of master and doctoral students in school of materials science and Engineering in 2022

Release time: 2021-12-07 Editor: He Lihua Source: Number of visits:

School of materials science and Engineering twenty twenty-two Annual master's degree Continuous reading living selection Working rules

According to Huazhong University of science and technology《 About development Notice on the continuous reading of master's degree and doctoral program of Postgraduates in 2022 》Requirements, according to the school research【 2020] No.12 file regulations Combined with the actual situation of the school of materials, special formulate as follows Working methods

1、 Apply for master's degree Continuous reading Application conditions of students

  1. He supports the leadership of the Communist Party of China, loves the motherland, is willing to serve the socialist modernization drive, abides by discipline and law, and has good moral quality.

  2. There was no cheating, cheating, academic misconduct and other illegal behaviors during the school.

  3. Full time master's degree students in grade two (autumn semester of the second academic year) and above( two 020 The course is qualified, and the course credits have met the corresponding requirements of the University and college for the graduation of master's degree students. The professional degree graduate students must complete before entering the doctoral stage one Years of professional practice.

  4. Course learning weighted grades between semesters eighty Score above (including eighty branch Those who fail to pass the degree course are not allowed to apply

  5. It has strong academic research ability and the potential to achieve innovative results.

  6. Physical and mental health.

  7. There are written recommendations from two professors or experts with senior titles related to the subject of application.

2、 Tutors recruit Masters Serial students condition

  1. have two thousand and twenty-two Admission qualification for doctoral candidates in;

  2. basis Hospital development two thousand and nineteen twenty number In principle, there is only one doctoral student quota per year (College index) for each doctoral supervisor with enrollment qualification in the school of materials. Yes, I have two thousand and twenty-two Direct doctoral student( two thousand and twenty-two year nine In principle, they can no longer accept graduate students;

  3. If there is a point-to-point allocation of indicators from the Innovation Research Institute, other departments or graduate schools, because it does not account for the total index of the college, it can receive master's and doctoral students.

3、 Master Consecutive students Reward indicators

Only in the following three cases, one-time reward can be given within the college indicators in the current year one Indicators of doctoral students: one He was elected academician, outstanding youth and Changjiang Scholar; two national level science and technology reward First completion People; three The amount of funds is within Over 20 million yuan Of country portrait scientific research Project Leader (with The contract shall prevail

4、 Selection procedure of graduate and doctoral students

one , registration Meet the above basic conditions and are interested in applying for master's degree and doctoral program /Postgraduates who are transferred to clinical doctoral programs (those who are required to apply for and participate in the assessment of master's and doctoral training of 2020 level) will log in to the training and degree system of the graduate school and submit their applications( ), upload personal course report card, expert recommendation letter and other related materials.

deadline: twelve month twenty-nine day morning one two spot front

Transcripts: printed at graduate terminals

two Material Science to examine According to the relevant regulations, the graduate educational administration office will review and confirm the student materials Effective Application List , list on twelve month thirty On the morning of May one two It will be publicized on the website of the college

three written examination:

Time: two 022 year one month six On the evening of June seven spot - nine spot

Venue: to be notified

Examination subjects Fundamentals of Materials Science (Materials Science, material physical chemistry)

Principle of material forming (material processing, electronic packaging)

four Interview (including professional and English interview)

Time: one month seven day morning nine : 00

place machining Tied to Welding building two hundred and two interview Materials are attached to Welding building two seventeen interview

content :   English proficiency test: introduce yourself, answer questions, 5min

Professional interview: student preparation 3min Of PPT The contents include personal introduction, research results and the work to be carried out in doctoral stage, and answer questions (final version) PPT Please at one month six Afternoon four Send to PPT According to the major + Name)

five The total score of students is composed of written examination score, interview score and course learning weighted score. The specific conversion of each score is as follows:

Student total score = Written examination results *40%+ Interview results *30%+ Course learning weighted score *30%

six Results publicity one month eight day On the college website Publish student's total score And ranking assessment achievement Failure No admission The students who occupy the index of the school of materials are ranked from high to low according to the total score Wait in turn Admission; Students who use peer-to-peer allocation indicators from innovation institutes, other departments or graduate schools do not participate in the ranking publicity three day Report to graduate school after no objection.

5、 Selection Consultation and complaint hotline: 027-87557904

Leading group of graduate student enrollment of Materials College

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