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Academician Cui Kun was elected national moral model

Release time: 2021-11-10 Editor: Huang Juan Source: Number of visits:

eleven month five On July 1, the Central Propaganda Department and the Central Civilization Office organized the selection and commendation The eighth national moral model was announced. Cui Kun, Professor of School of materials and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, was elected.

Academician Cui Kun's acceptance speech:

This time we can win National moral model This honor is my inspiration and encouragement. As an old Party member and teacher, Be diligent and serve the country It's a mission I've been practicing all my life It is my professional responsibility to cultivate high-quality talents for the country. The country has trained me. I should use my actions to help more people. In my opinion, a moral model is to use my own spiritual quality at the moral level to give everyone an example, but I have not done enough, I will continue to be good at the field, with their own way, continue to glow. My wife Zhu Huinan and I have agreed that in our lifetime, we will continue to do a good job in public welfare undertakings, and put the surplus income into our set up Huazhong University of science and technology financial aid fund for freshmen with financial difficulties

Many of the students I helped in the past have gone to work and many have become research leaders. From them, I can see my hope for them at that time, and they have been delivering this Serve the country diligently The spirit of.

Life story of academician Cui Kun, national moral model: writing life with steel will

As an academic, he is an expert in the research and development of die steel in China. He breaks the monopoly of foreign countries and enables China to produce die steel independently; As a teacher, he is a university professor dedicated to teaching students, master's degree and doctor's degree add up to nearly fifty People, each brilliant, more than a dozen people like him embarked on the road of education and scientific research; In charity, he is a kind-hearted person who helps needy students. He lives in school, wears a shirt for 30 years, but donates millions to set up scholarships, so that students will not be cut off because of poverty, He is Cui Kun, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Huazhong University of science and technology. He is a well-educated, respected and respectable old man.

Serve the country diligently and devote life to iron and steel industry

In my whole life, I have not modestly said four words on the summary —— Diligence, serve the country! When it comes to his own perception of life, Cui Kun said.

Cui Kun one thousand nine hundred and twenty-five Born in Jinan, Shandong Province, in junior high school, my hometown fell under the iron feet of Japanese aggressors. one thousand nine hundred and forty-four Cui Kun was admitted to the Mechanical Engineering Department of Wuhan University, which moved to Leshan, Sichuan Province, one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight He stayed in school to teach and later became an associate with iron and steel. one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight Cui Kun was sent to the world's best iron and Steel University at that time —— Moscow Institute of iron and steel, specializing in metallurgy and heat treatment, two years of studying abroad made special steel his future research direction.

one thousand nine hundred and sixty Cui Kun returned home after studying. At that time, China's industrial production was in urgent need of high-performance new die steel, but it was unable to produce independently, and the import price was ordinary steel ten More than times. China must have its own mold steel grade! Cui Kun and his colleagues stepped up the construction of the laboratory. If you can't buy any instruments and equipment, you can do it yourself with your colleagues. four The laboratory of metal materials and heat treatment with relatively complete equipment was finally built.

one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one Year to one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one Cui Kun won three national invention awards in succession. He has also undertaken national and provincial scientific research projects twenty Item, developed ten A new type of die steel, six Species were listed in the national promotion plan and were awarded science and technology awards at provincial and ministerial levels fifteen Many production problems have been solved.

Create first, just to make better products

Cui Kun said that as a researcher, the greatest pleasure is to develop products that are easy to use. To this end, Cui Kun and his team, not blindly follow, not superstitious, always uphold the innovation first scientific research attitude.

Over the past few decades, Cui Kun's peaches and plums have spread all over the world, including doctors twenty-four First name. Last century eighty In the s, he founded the major of metal materials and heat treatment in Huazhong Institute of technology, which became the first batch in this field in China six It is one of the doctoral programs in Huazhong Institute of technology. In teaching, he guided the students to pay attention to the new trends and new research methods. The most important basis for his evaluation of doctoral dissertations is academic innovation.

two thousand and six Year, eighty-one Cui Kun, aged 18, began to write the book steel materials, microstructure and properties, which is the first comprehensive and systematic introduction to special steels in China encyclopedia The volume is numerous and numerous one thousand five hundred and seventy-four Page with figure eight hundred and twenty-eight Sheets and tables six hundred and forty-six It took six years to complete the book two hundred Ten thousand words. In order to build this arduous project, Cui Kun taught himself to use computers to collect every document and edit every picture. two thousand and sixteen Year, already ninety-two Cui Kun, aged 18, began to revise this book four A monograph of. He said that the highest level of science is to seek truth and beauty, and constantly pursue new knowledge.

Indifferent to fame and wealth, do not take money by name

People engaged in scientific research should abide by scientific morality. To maintain the dignity of science, honesty and self-discipline are the most important. When interviewed by reporters, Cui Kun, who has been calm and calm, has become high pitched.

In his opinion, we should have a rigorous style of work to stress scientific morality. He will be responsible for every article he publishes. Some of his doctoral students, some of whom were transferred from other units, sometimes took his name with them when they published papers about their past work. After Cui Kun discovered it, he said seriously: I didn't take part in this project. You are doing me a disservice by doing so.

To stress scientific morality, it is important to be indifferent to fame and wealth. On one occasion, Cui Kun was in charge of a research project. He received a new task assigned by his superiors. He gave the project to another teacher. After the results came out, he insisted on not being named. The project team got the bonus, and we negotiated the distribution according to the contribution. There was never any dispute over this issue. He said that if you don't do practical things, you should not take money by name.

After winning projects and funds, Cui Kun never advocated eating alone. He always unites everyone to build a public scientific research platform, so as to promote the development of disciplines faster and better. He said that there is a bad phenomenon, one or two people with several students Small workshop It is difficult to make great achievements just by improving our own small laboratory.

Ten million donations, high morale and perseverance

The first time Cui Kun and his wife donated money was at two thousand and thirteen In that year, they donated to the education development foundation of Huazhong University of science and technology four hundred and twenty Ten thousand yuan, which will be donated in five years for establishment Assiduous scholarship In his opinion, Students must be diligent. They are all poor students, but they must study hard. Inspirational is good moral character, I know to have public morality and patriotism.

two thousand and eighteen Cui Kun and his wife donated in batches four hundred and twenty After ten thousand yuan, it was Assiduous scholarship Added one hundred and eighty A donation of 10000 yuan will be given to students each year by forty-five The number of people increased to sixty People.

To date, the total amount of donations made by Cui Kun and his wife exceeds one thousand Ten thousand yuan, the number of students five hundred More than one person time. It's almost their life savings. Cui Kun, who is generous, is extremely stingy to himself. He even wore a jacket and a shirt for 30 years. Because it's good, the zipper doesn't break.

The one-off financial aid paves the way for students to study, which lights up their future. A student wrote poetry ——“ Cui Wei's character is established, and Kunlun is more ambitious than others The feedback from students after they are funded makes them firm in their determination. Young students all have a process of ideological growth, and the help they get in difficult times is very useful for their thinking. ”“ As long as students are willing to help others in the future, we will have enough.

stay two thousand and twenty Cui Kun donated money in the form of special party expenses one hundred As an old Party member, he supported the anti epidemic campaign in Wuhan.

Cui Kun said: I joined the party because the intellectuals saw the new changes in the country after liberation. Only by following the Communist Party can our country become rich and powerful. Therefore, I believe that joining the party is the natural destination of contemporary advanced intellectuals. Communists should make more contributions. For me, it means doing more things and helping others.

The eighth national moral model selection and commendation closely around the founding of the Communist Party of China one hundred The main line of anniversary focuses on struggle the 14th Five-Year Plan In accordance with the relevant working procedures, we will select people who are willing to help others, act bravely for justice, be honest and trustworthy, devote themselves to their work, and be filial to the elderly and love their relatives five It is a national moral model, and promotes the formation of a strong atmosphere in the whole society of advocating morality and being good, thinking of the virtuous and practicing the world morally.

Source: Huazhong University of science and technology


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