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Notice of reception day for leaders of School of materials science and Engineering (5)

Release time: 2021-10-22 Editor: Li Ting Source: Number of visits:

According to《 Work plan of reception day for leaders of Institute of materials 》The related work of the "reception day for hospital leaders" is announced as follows:

1、 Leaders of reception center

Yang Junyou Vice president of School of materials

Wang Xinyun Chairman of the trade union of the Institute of materials

2、 Reception time and place

Reception time: ten month twenty-eight Sunday (Thursday) 15:00 17:00

Reception location: Welding building 212-2 Conference Room

3、 Reception instructions

one In order to improve the efficiency of reception work, please make an appointment in advance through the following link. The deadline for appointment is ten month twenty-seven day 12:00 The appointment website is: http://www.wjx.top/vj/m9rcgoR.aspx The college will arrange the reception according to the appointment.

two Priority should be given to the teachers, students and staff who have made an appointment for registration according to the registration order; If the time allows, the teachers and students who have not made an appointment for registration shall be arranged behind the teachers and students who have made the appointment registration according to the on-site registration order to receive or arrange for the next reception.

three Contact person: Li Ting; contact number: eighty-seven million five hundred and forty-three thousand seven hundred and seventy-six

The above arrangements will be subject to further notice.

Office of the Party committee of the school of materials

two thousand and twenty-one year ten month twenty day


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