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Visit Zhongshan Warship Museum, cherish the memory of the Anti Japanese heroes and cultivate the feelings of home and country

Release time: 2021-12-14 Editor: Gerbillon Source: Number of visits:

two thousand and twenty-one year twelve month nine In Japan, the new metal center and the semiconductor center jointly carried out party building activities, focusing on organizing party members to visit the Zhongshan Warship Museum, grieving for the revolutionary martyrs, reviewing the memory of history, and cultivating the feelings of home and country.

The original name of Zhongshan warship was Yongfeng warship, which was named after Dr. Sun Yat sen in modern Chinese history. one thousand nine hundred and ten It was ordered by the Qing government to Mitsubishi shipyard, Nagasaki, Japan. one thousand nine hundred and twelve year six The project was completed and launched in January. one thousand nine hundred and thirteen He joined the Chinese navy. one thousand nine hundred and twenty-two year six In June, Dr. Sun Yat Sen boarded the ship to command and pacify Chen Jiongming's rebellion. one thousand nine hundred and twenty-five year four In order to commemorate Dr. Sun Yat sen in May, Yongfeng warship was renamed Zhongshan warship. one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight Participated in Wuhan battle In the same year ten month twenty-four Japan was bombed and sunk by Japanese aircraft in the waters of Jinkou, the Yangtze River, in the fight against Japanese troops. one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven The water was salvaged in 1997. two thousand and one The restoration was completed in. two thousand and eight year five The moon is displayed in the exhibition hall of Zhongshan Warship Museum.

Zhongshan warship is an important historical witness of modern Chinese history. The twists and turns it has experienced and the immortal achievements it has created are of great value in military research. The legendary experience of Zhongshan warship witnessed the great achievements of Dr. Sun Yat Sen for national independence and national liberation; The mottled scars of the Zhongshan warship show the revolutionary spirit of the Anti Japanese martyrs who died for their country and died with iron and blood.

Members of the party review this bloody history, deeply cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs who bravely devoted themselves to the cause of national liberation, and fully realize the hard work of today's good life. We firmly believe that only under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and taking the road of building socialism with Chinese characteristics can we achieve the great goals of national prosperity, national rejuvenation and people's living and working in peace and contentment.